Werribee West Railway

This is my fictional Werribee West Railway being built using the Atlas N-9 (modified) track plan on a hollow core door (HCD). We live in a lifestyle village and spare room is at a premium, so…..

This is the front bedroom of our house with the HCD swinging above a queen size sofa bed. When visitors show up for a few nights we just simply pull it up out of the way and tie it off then fold out the bed below. Works well when I just want to sit down in the sunlight too!

The Layout at about March in 2012

I have been building this thing on and off for quite a number of years, I will get it finished some day. The engines are controlled by a system called DCC, I can control more than one engine on each track and some of them even have sound.


This is the diagram using the windows Big Bear software

The diagram drawn up using the windows Big Bear program will probably have to be discontinued since we have changed our computers to Mac's and I am not too sure if it will work in a different operating system.

modified n9

This is the modified Atlas N-9 with additional Turntable

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