Rostock Max V2

Having gotten a taste for 3D printing I thought it would be nice to get something that I could configure myself and have full control over the print jobs. I had look around and it seemed that the Rostock Max V2 would be a suitable candidate, it had to do a pretty good job with a sample “Treefrog” STL file before I would make a decision to purchase one.

With the test printout done successfully and the photographs shown to me as proof of success I ordered a new kit for a Rostock Max V2 from the agent in the Gold Coast!


Rostock Max V2 Partially Built


Setting it up on the Mac; Make a directory called Rostock Max V2 and put the in there and if you have any setup files that you would like to use, place them in the same directory. Start the program and then enter the registration key and in the printers put a link to the RostockBuildPlatform.stl.


Repetier Host for Mac is installed in the normal way.

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