We Both Have MacBook Air Computers Now

This series of pages will have some of the interesting things that we have found since we have changed all of our PC's over to the Macintosh variety.

Why the change you ask? Well, we got two new PC's and put Windows 8 on them. What a mistake that was! In the long term the changeover will turn out a LOT better, you only have to be a little careful what is loaded from where!

One of the best sites for Mac is

One of the things to come terms with early in the piece was there was no native support for doing anything with DVD's except playing them. If you wanted to rip a DVD to archive them use a program called Mac DVD Ripper Pro and configure it to make an exact copy. To make them compatible for the iPad rip them with the same ripper but tell it to output in a suitable format for the iPad to read. It can be downloaded at

The next thing to look at was web development software for the Mac. I have found out about a package called Sandvox which makes web development a breeze. It can be had by downloading at you can download a trial version that you have only five pages to work with, it is very well built and after playing with it for a few hours you will like it.

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